Week 10

On Wednesday, I had exploration two, which was relations with the USSR, and my group and I were given three pictures that we were changing the order that would appeal to the people better and also changed the meaning of the poster so that it would sound more appealing to the audience as well and have a better reaction to it. The first one we changed was Smash the imperialist war conspiracy, forge ahead courageously to build our peaceful and happy life! We changed this one to stand up together! Fight! Cut ties against the imperialist who are taking your freedom and hold the flag nice and high with pride! We also changed The friendship of the peoples of China and the Soviet Union is everlasting; we changed to embrace our fellow allies and embrace them as if they were our family and push each other to fly high like white doves. The last one we changed was the Great meeting, and we changed this to Great allies and great friends because this was made at the end of 1949 when Mao traveled to Moscow to negotiate a friendship treaty with Stalin. 

On Friday, I had an exploration pack 3, which was very interesting, and it opened my eyes to see what communism is. We mainly focused on the second reading, which was Mao: The Untold Story; it talks about Jung Chang and her family, who had clearly suffered because of Mao’s policies, and she has many disturbing stories that you would not wish upon anyone; also she is not the only one who had faced this tragedy. The main one that sticks out to me that I thought was horrendous was on page 195, paragraph 2, where she and her siblings were separated and put into boarding nurseries and were not told why they were put there in the first place. They were taken away from their homes, and she was kicked, and even the ribbon in her hair was torn.  They were not given food; they gave them milk and cod-liver capsules and then take naps. She would cause trouble and pour it into her desk and the capsules with it; she would also tell scary stories to other children. Then she got caught and was punished and sat on the doorstep. She was taken away and separated from her family because of a new campaign triggered by Mao’s reaction to the behavior of communist writers, that he felt that they betrayed an element of independence and an ability to think for themselves, which Mao felt was unacceptable. 

Jung Chang


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