Week 2

In week two content, we learned about the Qing dynasty and how they came into power right after the Ming dynasty. The main point that we discussed is: is China at this point in time modern? In some aspects, they are modernizing because they let the Han Chinese continue their customs, respected their expertise in administration, and maintained a bureaucratic system. They also worked together with the Manchu and Han Chinese. The women did not have to bind their feet anymore, which was cruel, and they felt that was unnecessary, but the men insisted that they wear the traditional Manchu queue. They did not force them to do that, but it was heavily implied that they would or they would be punished. The quote that exemplifies this is in Board of War. “Those who claim to submit but do not shave their heads are hesitant and watchful. They should be given a deadline for compliance based on their distance from the capital and rewarded accordingly when they arrive in Beijing. If they do not meet the deadline, it is clear that they are resisting and definitely should be punished; troops are to be sent to suppress them.” They are reasonable with the Han Chinese people and are given a deadline to do what they say.
The word modern is an undefinable word, and to say China is modern at this point in time, would be a lie. They are improving their country in many ways, but they have yet to show that they are modern. I chose exploration pack one, and in Shi Lang’s Memorial on the Capture of Taiwan, Shi Lang was an admiral of the Fujian Fleet, and when they captured 165 enemy commanders, captains, and 4,853 sailors. They ordered them to shave their heads, and false commanders and captains who surrendered were given honorary caps and robes; the Bandits were given silver and food; soldiers who wanted to return to agriculture and the old and weak would be discharged. The people who wanted to enlist were supplied with food and were given a wage. In some ways, China is starting to become modern, but forcing people of a different culture with different ideologies to do something they do not believe in is not modern; it is cruel.

This is an picture of a man during the Qing dynasty, and having the their style of hair.






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